Long War Friday Only


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Grab a partner and build a themed list for 3 games of Bringing the Hobby Back goodness! Ticket price covers both players!

Dates: Friday, June 3rd.

Includes general admission for the weekend.

Player Packet

Player Packet can be found here.


In 9th edition 40k we play a simple 100 point scale.

● The lowest battle score across 3 games is a 30 because “Battle Ready”

● The highest battle score achievable is 300.

● That means a team can earn hobby points in 2 major ways.

● “Player policed” scores & “Judged” scores.

● Each round-match both teams will police each other on “comp” & “sports”

● These scores are Player Policed “PP”.

● Our judges will score them on a rubric one time only for Theme and Hobby effort.

● Each team can get a max of 150 “PP” per round. 450 total.

● Judges will score painting with a max of 250 points.

● A max score of 1000 points is possible, but BP is the only score for ITC points.